Friday, August 7, 2015

A warm welcome from Cara Delevingne

  Sponsored in our blog today is the one and only Cara Delevingne

 A warm welcome from Cara Develigne

 No need to hold onto this summer, next summer is just one year away, but for now whip on your most comfortable over sized sweater, long sleeve, or cover up and get ready for coolness to enter the atmosphere.

Whip out your comfy clothes and get ready for the cooler weather coming in soon. Open jackets, and cardigans for fall 2015 you can find being worn with some sexy knee high boots. Accessorize it with some nifty hair pieces and hand jewelry.

Wearing a geometric pattern cardigan throw over, light weight but warm. Put together with knee high socks and those boots with the fur.

Chic is year round.

Fall is a favorite season for most, because the leaves fall, the air cool and last but not least you get to LAYER!!!! We love to layer.(Who doesn't want to wear all of their favorites clothes at once, more the merrier)

Chic heels with some skinny jeans,(if leather make sure it's always pleather, because we love our earth and animals.)

Accessories make an outfit complete. A great source for cheap, fashionable jewelry would be Forever 21, Top Shop, Nectar, Target,

Great prices for blingin' jewelry to fit your style. You can find mostly all what you are looking for by walking through your nearest mall or shopping center, but if you have a narrow range of something you are looking for then Amazon, Ebay and Polyvore are some great leads to get you a little closer to putting the best outfit together.

He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not..

Forget what he thinks and wear what make you feel good, proud and tall. clothes won't turn their back on you, instead they've got your back covered!

Cara is a great role model, Though she is one of the top faces in the industry right now for her fierce eyebrows and eyes, She stays humble while rocking fashion modestly but sexy at the same time, making young women around the world recognize how it is HOT to be humble and modest, and still be sexy doing it! She is the perfect example.

"Silky and sultry, faces and laces. Beauty is all around us."-SL

Hats finish up a hot outfit with some mystery. Also keeping out of the sun to protect from skin cancer. Smart and stylish.

We forgot how much we love velvet didn't we?! Well it's back and it's hotter than ever.. literally. If velvet is your thing, keep updated with Vocal's upcoming arrivals of velvet cardigans.

Off the shoulder is a wonderful way to stay cool and keep warm all at the same time.

Plus it's sexy DUH.

 Beanies and over sized sunglasses for anytime of the season?? Sure, for some..

Beanies have always been a bit scratchy on the forehead wouldn't you agree? 

So a little trick for that would be place a cap underneath (like a biker cap to keep your hair kept nice.) Pull down just enough to have the beanie cover over and wallah no scratchy forehead.

Love this shirt worn by Cara, it's good to remember to have a great humor about things in life, when you are negative, you attract negative attention.

&& Remember, Never. Look. Back.

-Xoxo Sierra Lee

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