Thursday, August 6, 2015

Atlanta Apparel Mart Preview

Welcome to the annual apparel mart in Atlanta Georgia.

Every year we round up and set up a booth here. People of all ages come to see the new styles, get some deals and stock up for their own stores.

Every year the very newest yet to be released styles are available before they hit your local shops.

Many booths ranging from women's to men's clothing and accessories, also kids styles available at select booths including Vocal!!

Previous years have been a success and each yer since has improved dramatically.

Mix and match from booth to booth, store to store. Broaden your horizons with the latest fashions. (Since we are all trying to keep up with the Kardashians.)

Crazy unique designed leggings is a crowd pleaser. Check out some of Vocals latest one of a kind legging designs at..

An annual fashion show happens right down stairs. With a cat walk, you can see how your favorite designs worn for a better visual of what you are buying. (It's sells better to see it on)

Fashion is contemporary, any age, sex or religion can wear it, Fashion does not segregate. (Something this world needs more of.)

You can feel cool with Vocal's one of a kind designs fit for any style.

Don't forget we also do plus sizes!! 

(Let's be honest we are not all a size 2 like magazines lead on to be.)

Being so versatile with our style, any booth for accessories or anything blingy will fit just perfect.

Be on the look out for this Vintage skull and cross bones top, Selling out fast. One of our best sellers right now, ask any clerk to point you in the right direction.

Aztec came into season a few seasons ago and has not left our side. Becoming one of our top designs with Aztec print, we have almost any kind of Aztec design you can think of, and if we don't, just wait.. we will soon

1000's of cover ups for any season, hot, cold, up, down..(okay Katy Perry, we get it)

If you can't make up your mind, don't fret we have it all, long sleeve, sleeveless, short sleeve ect..

So put on your shopping shoes and come visit us, and if you miss us here at the Atlanta show, don't you worry, we will be heading out to Dallas the 12-15th of August.



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